Critical Thinking (Session #1)
Program ID: TGIF-WAA-EVENT-1001
School Year: 2013-2014
Status: Successfully Concluded.
Critical Thinking has been used for training professionals and students alike to improve creativity, problem solving abilities, and ʺoutside the boxʺ thinking process. It is very useful for children to achieve academic excellence by helping them in understanding, coming up with alternative solutions, analyzing, and solving problems in a creative manner.

In this course, students will be participating in extensive class discussion and explore ʺout of the boxʺ thinking process through a wide range of mathematical, conceptual, and logical problems. In the process, students will be learning a number of unusual techniques and methods.

The main focus of the course is on analyzing problems in the class. However, a small number of problems will be given as homework, which should take less than 45 minutes per week. Many students find it useful to solve the problems with their parents and/or elder siblings to reinforce their analytic abilities.

  • The vendor provides this at different levels/session - Session #1, and Session #2.
  • This event is Session #1.

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